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So just a bit of a question not criticizing or anything just generally curious. That mouth gag of here it looked like it would be long enough to down down her throat if that is the case how can she breathe?I sense a lovely gaping ass in her future. once again good job Hope you had a good week

I think there might be some mechanics that inside the mask that allows for breathing. The goal behind the mask is not only to make it uncomfortable for elsa but to also show her obedience. The mask is only tied on and elsa could remove if she want to but she doesn’t. There is a lot of “lovely” stuff in the future for elsa :). Wait and see.

You know I find that tidd-bit interesting you just said. It’s only tied on if she wanted she could rebel but doesn’t and just takes it… very sneaky you you sexy human being you. It’s like that lovely revelation that was just made in another art work I’m reading. It’s bits like this you don’t even think about but can really add or subtract from a story bravo Sir bravo

This is the new best page of the entire comic. Holy shit.

Believe it or not, the thing i find most sexy?

Anna masturbating while planning to tax the ever loving shit out of her subjects. Because it shows how far she has fallen and how corrupted she has become.

You magnificent bastards, well done.


From what I seen, you call Elsa and Astrid pigs but I think there is difference in the treatment it appears.

Astrid is more like a swine such as this one: OR even this one

Elsa seems to be treated like a pet piglet that is a part of the family and lives inside the house:

Just an observation I’ve made.

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